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greenLIST Vendor Directory Access

Our interactive directory was specially designed to save you time during sourcing. When balancing multiple projects, most designers don’t have the bandwidth to research the sustainability measures of every vendor. Think of the greenLIST as your shortcut for making better design decisions, so you can focus on what matters most.

Continuing Education

As a member, you can take courses and earn credits anytime. Our self-serve educational experience is designed to be flexible with your schedule and enable anywhere learning.

Topics include sustainable sourcing, raw materials, manufacturing processes, environmental impacts, packaging waste, product life cycles, greenwashing & practical sustainability applications

Using the GreenLIST

The greenLIST is organized by category and ranked from highest to lowest. We update it every quarter, so it keeps getting better with time and enables you to make more informed design choices.

  1. Click into a category, like Fabrics or Hardware
  2. See the highest-ranking vendors
  3. Simply click to visit each manufacturer’s profile page
  4. From there, you can go directly to their website and keep your project moving
  5. Feel great about your selections; you deserve it!

Featured Categories

  • Appliances
  • Artwork, Decor & Mirrors
  • Cabinetry
  • Commercial Textiles
  • Custom Furniture
  • Fabrics
  • Hardware
  • Hardwood & Luxury Vinyl
  • Lighting
  • Millwork
  • Plumbing
  • Retailers
  • Solid Surface
  • Tile & Stone
  • Upholstery
  • Wallcoverings

Lesson Overview

Navigating Sustainable Sourcing


This overview course empowers learners with the knowledge they need to identify whether a specific product meets sustainability criteria. Following this course, you will be able to clearly explain the concept of sustainable design and gain the confidence to ask questions that will lead to more sustainable selections.

Raw Goods and Materials


Can you identify which raw goods and materials are harvested sustainably? Delve into the details of sustainable sourcing and the various collection methods for each material type. You’ll come away from this course with the ability to make healthier, more sustainable selections for all your interior design projects.

Manufacturing Processes and Environmental Considerations


Learn about the manufacturing processes for the many different materials we specify as designers, from man-made to natural, from stone to glass, and everything in between. This course explores how to identify harmful manufacturing practices and what you should look for instead.

Packaging Waste and the Impact of Shipping


This course examines waste at each stage in the product life cycle, from raw goods to shipping, installation and beyond. Key areas of focus include carbon emissions, transit considerations, material waste and overall energy consumption.

Sustainable Selection Based On Installation, Care, and Maintenance


How often do you think about the long-term impact of your selections from a sustainability perspective? Sometimes the products we specify are sustainable, but the installation method isn’t. This course details vital considerations around installation, cleaning, care and long-term maintenance, so you can make safe, environmentally-friendly selections.

End of Product Life Cycle


Circularity is essential. Following this course, you’ll understand how materials can be disposed of or repurposed in environmentally friendly ways. Gain valuable insights into evaluating furnishings for second-life use and diverting items away from landfills.

Third Party Ratings and How to Spot Greenwashing


The lesson covers the various third party rating systems that manufacturers can earn for their products. While they are a good starting point, it’s still very important to ask the right questions and ensure all your products meet sustainability criteria.

How to Apply Sustainability Principles to Your Practice

In this comprehensive recap course, we’ll discuss how to put it all together. Designers will leave feeling empowered with trusted, actionable steps they can take right away. The result is real change as each small action adds up to industry-wide impact.

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No matter what you need to get your project done, we’ve curated a trusted list of partners that share our collective passion for sustainability. 

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Membership Pricing

The current membership rate is $799 with annual dues ($169) collected yearly on your joining date. This cost covers all the benefits outlined above, as well as:

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What Do Annual Dues Cover?

Our greenLIST Vendor Directory is an ever changing document that we’re always updating. Your dues help us find, vet and verify new vendors, creating a more comprehensive resource for our industry and promoting a new standard of sustainability. Your ongoing membership also enables us to create robust designer resources, specialized guides, and helps fund our CEU applications.

As our vendor list and resource offerings grow over time, renewal dues may change, but with transparency at our core, we’ll always keep members updated on important changes.