Meet Our Founding Designers!

Welcome to our Founders Page, where we honor and celebrate the designers who played a pivotal role in launching our platform.

Our founding members hold a special place in our hearts,
as they were instrumental in turning our vision of a community of interior designers, committed to sustainability, into a reality.

We extend our deepest gratitude to these trailblazers for their invaluable support and commitment to our mission.

ounder, Dawn Chau, leaning against a cement wall. She has long, medium blonde, hair, her arms are crossed and she is smiling at the viewer.

Dawn Chau

Paradigm Interior Design - Boulder, CO

Residential interior designer. Motivated to design toward a better future for her kids, one project at a time.

Founder, Liz Craig, looking into the camera with bold black framed glasses, and the streets of New York City behind her.

Elizabeth Craig

ecc interiors - New York, NY

Residential interior designer. Specializes in vegan interior design. Passionate about creating a better tomorrow.

Trisha Davis

Trisha Davis Designs - Park Ridge, IL

Residential interior designer. Feels the importance of protecting our environment in whatever way possible.

Founder, Christine Dennison is posed leaning on her left elbow with one arm on the table in front of her. Her head propped on her left hand and she is smiling at the camera

Christine Dennison

Dennison Interior Design - Denver, CO

Residential & commercial interior designer. Starting the journey and looking forward to learning more.

Founder, Andrea Durcik is smiling at the camera while leaning against a white doorframe, wearing a burgundy top.

Andrea Durcik

East & Gray Interiors - Columbus, OH

Residential interior designer. Understands that we are responsible for protecting & caring for our planet.

Founder, Terry Gustafson is poised in front of aspen trees, center frame, with a smile on her face.

Terry Gustafson

Terry Gustafson Interior Design - Bloomington, MN

Residential interior designer. Knows that we must share sustainability with our clients with our influence.

Founding Designer, Yvonne Harty, smiles center frame. She is wearing black glasses, short blonde hair, and a black blouse.

Yvonne Harty

Harty Interiors - Carmichael, CA

Residential interior designer. German born, with high sustainability standards, doing her part in the US.

Founding designer, Robin Heard, is captured in her photo mid-laugh with her hands open in an expression of joy.

Robin Heard

Robin Heard Design - Mill Valley, CA

Residential interior designer. passionate about creating healthy, supportive environments for clients.

Founding Designer, Trisa Katsikapes, sits center frame, smiling at the camera with her chin resting on her left fist, elbow on a table.

Trisa Katsikapes

Trisa & Co. Interior Design - Port Angeles, WA

Residential & commercial interior designer. Passionate about helping to give our planet a break from harm.

Founding Designer, Penny Lorain, sits smiling on a bench in an outdoor setting. Lush greenery fills the negative space behind her.

Penny Lorain

Lorain Design Associates - Davis, CA

Residential & commercial interior designer. Knows its our duty as advisors to reduce impact and harm.

A black a white photo of Founding Designer, Ashley Mervau, smiling at the camera.

Ashley Mervau

Andrea Lackie Design - Antelope, CA

Residential interior designer. Setting a good example for her kids while reducing impact in her design work.

Julia Pobiner

City to Suburb Interiors - Livingston, NJ

Residential & commercial interior designer. Designing a future with less waste, motivated by her kids.

Megan Siason

m studio interior design - Seal Beach, CA

Residential interior designer. Here to learn how to design for a cleaner, better world and future for out planet.

Founding Designer, Tracey Taylor, has provided a photograph of daises against a stone wall for use as her profile photograph.

Tracey Taylor

Trace The Mark - Pompton Lakes, NJ

Residential design & Feng Shui. Learning how to apply sustainability to interior design is common sense.

Adel Visser

All About Kitchens & More! - Sacramento, CA

Residential interior designer. Motivated by her grandkids and the desire to preserve our only planet.

Chanda Wahl

Designer Interiors - Red Lodge, MT

Residential & commercial interior designer. Working toward reducing the carbon footprint on this earth.

Founding Designer, Catalina Yturralde is wearing a thick chunky sweater and smiling at the viewer.

Catalina Yturralde

Meraki Kassa Designs - Houston, TX

Residential interior designer. Passionate about healthy design with biophilia, and reducing our impact.

Sarah Allen

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As we continue to grow and evolve,

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