Meet Founder Megan Thompson

An interior designer and Colorado native passionate about sustainability

I pride myself on being an entrepreneur who works tirelessly to educate the industry on more sustainable practices, from sourcing to implementation. After facing frustration with sustainable sourcing, I decided to take matters into my own hands and begin a project that allows designers to easily find vendors that meet rigorous sustainability criteria. 

Through the process of building the greenList platform, I was surprised to learn that over 80% of residential designers do not have a formal education. And even those that do did not have sustainability as part of their curriculum. These fiercely talented, self-made designers don’t greatly benefit from other rigorous certification platforms that are geared towards commercial, and can be daunting, such as LEED. By creating a new platform that’s accessible to residential designers, we can close a longstanding educational gap and create new standards in conscious design.

Growing up in a home that valued our innate relationship with nature, I spent my childhood road tripping to national parks, learning how to compost, keeping pet turtles in the backyard and camping with the philosophy, “Take only memories, leave only footprints.” These early experiences shaped my passion for reducing waste, protecting our environment, and doing more with less.

Now, as I look ahead to the future of greenList, my vision is a world where sustainable design is the standard — and not an afterthought. It’s my mission to make sustainability easier to achieve. I believe that as a collective, designers have the power to influence the industry in unimaginable ways, creating ripples of positive impact in all directions. With greenList, we’re instilling the confidence necessary to prepare designers to make more informed decisions every day. 

Creative influence + ongoing inspiration

I hold a degree from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design with an emphasis in Sustainable Design, and my two strongest sources of inspiration are music and art. You can see their influence in all my work. You can actually tell how into a project I am based on the volume of the speakers in my studio and whether or not I am singing along!

The ability to impact the way people feel in their homes and businesses is what sustains me creatively and when I’m not singing in my studio and designing healthy, beautiful spaces for clients, you can find me snowboarding on the slopes, caring for the plants in my home garden, spending time with my dogs, and collecting inspiration during my travels.


Breathtaking options that exceed expectations & excellence in green design

In 2020, Megan began working on the concept of a sustainable vendors list. Today, she is bridging the gap for designers looking to do better through a robust, time-saving experience that connects designers to sustainable manufacturers in a single click.