Welcome to greenList, a trade-only platform inspired by sustainability

We empower professional interior designers to create more beautiful homes using
greener selections — from sourcing to implementation.

The "Why" Behind Our Mission

Currently, there is no single platform that consolidates all the valuable sustainability criteria necessary to help designers make responsible, informed decisions for each unique project.

From an educational perspective, we’re building opportunities for professionals to easily access and understand best practices around sustainable or “green” design.

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Raise your practice standards & reduce your project footprint

Learn the principles of sustainable design and how to evaluate every sourcing decision through the lens of planetary health and impact. 

Our specialized, trade-only curriculum will leave you with a renewed sense of confidence as you source green vendors and manufacturers without having to conduct full-scale research each time. 

Get exclusive access to our interactive, trade-only sourcing guide 

Available only to our greenList Designers, the greenLIST is your trusted guide when making responsible, eco-conscious vendor selections.

You’ll save time on every client project because we’ve done all the heavy lifting when it comes to sourcing. We’re continually researching, identifying and vetting the right people, so all you have to do is choose.


We’re launching soon and are gaining momentum with the most promising talent in the industry. Stay updated on this exciting shift towards more mindful design as we protect the health of our planet and enhance the beauty of the spaces we design.

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Welcome to greenList, a trade-only platform inspired by sustainability

Our self-led educational series allows you to move at your own pace, absorbing and revisiting content as needed. It’s our goal to help you gain confidence when awarding projects and recharge creatively knowing that, one at a time, your decisions today are changing the standards of the industry and the future of our world tomorrow.

Learning Objectives:

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